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hello : )

when i try to use a digital input on my arduino,  some input channels work fine but others do not.

i connect arduino to the PC and monitor using maxuino. (max/msp)
on a few channels more than one light turns on in the maxuino patch.

3 > 7 inputs are all o.k. but 8 >13 there are problems.:
input result
8 = 8 + 9 light up.
9 = 8+ 9 +10 light up
10 = 9+10+11 light up
11 = 10+11+12 light up
12 = 11+12 light up
13 = 11+12+13 light up

the analog ins work fine as do the digital outs. great

but not all the inputs are correct.

any ideas anyone?

thanks : )


If the arduino is unmodified use the digital examples to test the I/O.


hello thanks very much for your reply.  : )

good idea, you mean test it by programming via the ide ( the example patches/scripts) and do some basic ins and outs. ( rather than use maxuino)

yeah cool, i'll do that tonight.  : )  

thanks again :)


I don't know what the maxuino is so it's easier for me and others to try and help if something familiar is presented.

Consider it a stock V8 vs that V8 with nitro. :)

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