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so this morning.. i was attempting to drop the via (like you suggested)..

dropped on in the lower/left corner..

and the RATSNESt turns on.. (showing the GND polys).. and the air/wire/line)

I connect the line to the closest 'GND' connection according to Eagle..

once done though.. there are other air-wires... like I need to connect ALL GND points or something to that VIA?

In still not 100% clear on WHY I am doing this? I dont believe I have any isolated areas?  and the planes run around/outside all the traces?

anyways.. here is a quick image of what Im talking about..

if I connect that via to the closest GND point (which is GND pin on the MAX chip)..  I still get the lines that I need to connect it to the other GND points too?

I have attached my FINAL (current) board files...

the only thing that I am leery about is this GND via?

check it out and let me know....(curious as to why dropping a GND via to connect GNDs on both sides.. makes me draw 4-5 more traces?  shouldnt it just connect to the HUGE GND plane? that those other components are connected to as well??

* Im starting to overthink my other PCb project too now.. (the one with MAX chip but 30 SMD leds instead of a numeric display)...  I dont believe I manually dropped any GND vias??
wouldnt the error checker alert the user to this is needed/missed?



Let autoroute now - should make the Gnd connections to the plane for you.
Thats all I did with the one I posted earlier.
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