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Hello, my first post

I´m a retired EE and would like to purchase some Arduino gear to learn it and maybe do nice things with it in the future.

My first option was the DUE (up to date processor, more memory, etc), but the 3.3V I/O level may be a problem. Are there many shield board for it or would it be better to get another Arduino with 5V I/O?

Thanks for your help,





So, no matter what you get, one needs to watch the little details,
but you already know that.

Perhaps find the shields that you want to play with,
and then see what Arduino board they are compatible

The Mega 2560 and Due have essentially the same footprint,
but the Mega is 5v (I believe) and the Due is 3.3v.

Try to find others around in your area who are playing "Arduino".
The Mbed is also fun to play with, but the Arduino series has
MANY more shields/extensions I expect.

Cheers, Gary

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