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Hi There,

I'm just getting into playing with the arduino and electronics in general.  Does anyone know of any sites that i can get arduino components in canada?  I already own an arduino but i'd like to get some other shields.  The customs fees when shipping from the usa is killer.

I'm also looking for a good general electronics components site.  i'd like to get some beginning electronics kit including a multimeter, soldering iron etc.


I've ordered a few items from HVW in Canada and have been pleased with their service and prices.




http://fundamentallogic.com/ is in Ontario I believe



I have purcahsed 2 arudino duemillnove328 from Creatron Inc in toronto. the address was 255 college if i remembered correctly maybe to be sure you can google it or somthing. i've also gotten some mortor and protosheilds thgere maybe you could check it out if u need.


well where in canada do you live? if you live near toronto there are a ton of electronic stores around. Sayal electronics is oen fo mafavories cause they have every basic component you can think off. Where else are you going to find isles and isles of resistors?
Also, they have some pretty good surplus deals. I bought a $200 regulated switching power supply for 20 bux and it works great. The only thing it didn't have were the enclosures, and packaging materials.

If you want to shop online, try digikey.ca. They do charge $8 for shipping on order below $200 though.

In terms of Arduino specific products (shields), there isn't much really. Fundemental Logic produces some freeduino stuff, but I don't think they do shields.

HVWTech and RobotShop are the only ones I know that do, but there prices are ridiculously higher compared to shops in the states.

Is te duty really that bad? I haven't ever been charged duty on electronic components or Arduino stuff.


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Never heard of dipmicro, will be sure to do business with them soon considering they are about 30 min from my school


dipmicro.com ftw! (especially for Ontarians)

Just got a bunch of stuff from them, prompt delivery (3 days to GTA) and I found their prices to be pretty reasonable and certainly much better than any local suppliers in the GTA. Creatron Inc. on College & Spadina has a pretty good selection but I'm mystified by their pricing criteria, and I find some of their prices unnecessarily high. Take an FTDI cable for $40(plus gst/pst) or a 5mm RGB LED for 2 bucks? (Got 100 R/G/B/Y/W LED's (20 each) from dipmicro for less than 6 bucks. )

creatron has atmega16 for 7.50+gst/pst (but they do have them which is a plus point if you need one right away) ...  So, if you really need a part, that place pretty much has them all. Sayal is also good, but depends which store you go to and they don't carry any Atmel stuff either.

Very pleased with dipmicro, The only thing that I wish they'd carry are ATMega controllers which they don't. They do carry PIC's though.



Check out the Sippino, and Prototino.  Ardunio compatible breadboarding & hard wired prototyping duo.  They also have the full Arduino product line, Lilypad, select SparkFun, Macetech and others.  Oh and a bunch of other really cool kits


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Some (LED matrix) shields for sale (shipped from Canada) here:

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