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attached my current (working code)

without the creation of the in-class-object i got no Text on Display (write and send is called right).

i've looked in SD, Ethernet and WiFi-Library...they all implement its own SPI-Code (not using the SPI-Library) and creating an Object of their SPI-Class in the main-class.


it seems that i cannot use the global SPI-Object in my Class and have to define my own...

Code: [Select]
 SPIClass SPI;

after adding this to my class, i got an output on my display ;)

This is a very bad idea:

Code: [Select]

class DIP204_SPI : public Print {
 DIP204_SPI(int ss_pin){init(ss_pin);}

 void init(int ss_pin)
   if (ss_pin==0)
     slaveSelectPin = 53; //MEGA
     slaveSelectPin = ss_pin;
   // set the slaveSelectPin as an output:
   pinMode (slaveSelectPin, OUTPUT);
   //data for lcd dip204-4
   // initialize SPI:
   command(0x34);        // 34 0011 0100 (8Bit Bus, RE=1)
   command(LCD_4LINE);        // 09 0000 1001 (4 row Mode)
   command(0x30);        // 30 0011 0000 (8Bit Bus, N=0, RE=0, DH=0, REV=0)
   //command(0x0C);        // 0C 0000 1100 (Display on, Cursor off, blink Cursor off)
   command(LCD_DISPLAYCONTROL|LCD_DISPLAYON);        // 0C 0000 1100 (Display on, Cursor off, blink Cursor off)
   command(0x06);        // 06 0000 0110 (Entry Mode Set Cursor Auto-Increment)
   Serial.println("init() finished");

Your constructor calls init which does a lot of stuff. You cannot know what order constructors are called in, and should not do any substantial work in one. Call init yourself (not from the constructor). eg.

Code: [Select]

void setup() {
 Serial.begin(9600);      // open the serial port at 9600 bps:    
 lcd.init(53);   // <--- initialize here

Well I see you are already doing that, so lose the "init" from the constructor.

Then delete your "own" instance of SPI that you added.
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seems to work now without the in class-object

thank you

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