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I have an 8Mhz 328P with an animation on a small i2c display working pretty slow. I thought I could speed it up slightly by adding the line TWBR = 12, 2 or 24 to the void setup(void) under wire.begin(); but the animation speed is always exactly the same. Overclocking for test purposes is fine.


I am puzzled.

What is the animation, what sort of display is it, and why would it have anything at all to do with either the CPU clock speed or the I2C speed?

(Hint: unless the program itself involves delays, would it not be entirely dependent on the display write timing?)


All delays have been removed and the display is i2c which I believe is slower than SPI. I found something of interest here: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php/topic,16793.0.html
Faster i2c was just an idea and a possibility for a quick fix.


Post your code please. Or at least enough to demonstrate this.
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