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Check out robomart.com. It sells online and has a shop in Noida.


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You can Buy Original Arduino Uno REV 3 from FactoryForward in the following Link

Buy Original Arduino Uno Rev 3 - FactoryForward

Also, check Tutorials for Arduino in FactoryForward's Blog

Arduino Tutorial - FactoryForward Blog


As a tech enthusiast, I started with the projects kits sold by elementzonline.com. They have various Arduino kits t get started with. They also provide inhouse training support.

ElementzOnline: https://elementzonline.com
Arduino Uno Product page: https://www.elementzonline.com/arduino-uno-r3-made-in-italy-original-with-usb-cable-93
Arduino Mega Product page: https://www.elementzonline.com/arduino-mega-2560-r3-made-in-italy-original--158

If you are from South India, then following vendors are available

Rhydolaz: http://rhydolabz.com
Crazypi: https://crazypi.com

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