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Hello, I have been using arduino program at tafe over the last month and installed it at home to play around with my board and try and get a head start on things for school and well it would let me program and upload,
I got home today and said let's program some more configs and started up the program, Well the real problem started,

As I go to type in I get this annoying beep and nothing show's up as I type, the kind when you open up a notepad and then press down on the keyboard,

I've tried to un-install the program re-download it and install a fresh copy, Re-pair files, update window's with the usb plugged in (works for finding new driver's),re-installed the driver's from the freetronic's website, use a program that normally works for finding error's and fixes them (but it didn't work), downloading the beta arduino 1.5.2 window's zip, from you're site,

The main thing I need to do is just see if the programming works and don't need to upload it to my board cause the teacher need's to see you doing all that in class and then upload in front of him, Just to show him that you've done the work and you can do it without needing him to help with every little bit, unless there's faults with the cables or you've plugged them in wrong,


So anyway thanks for no help at all and just leaving it to me playing around with thing's have figured it all out and now I've got the fix for this issue and unlike you I'll post it for other's with the same issue

To fix the beep sound go into File top left of the arduino scroll down to preferences, Now go down to where there are 5 boxes make sure that the 2nd from the top {Use external editor] is un-ticked and the rest are ticked,   

Now type in the arduino, works


Thank you SOOOOOO much I have been truing to find out the problem for almost 2 weeks!!! your rock! :)


I know this was driving me nut's to and you'd think that someone who work's for arduino would have seen and posted how to fix it but as my teacher said at school, All student's should have a play around with the arduino programmer try everything click it and un-clicking to stuff thing's around and try to fix them,


{Use external editor]

Ah; that wouldn't have occurred to me, based on your description.  Congrats on figuring it out.
Your text area should have been gray instead of white, which is the big clue toward this particular "oops."

There is a lot of "odd" behavior that can probably be fixed by deleting your "preferences" file (<user>\Application Data\Arduino\preferences.txt) and letting the arduino IDE create a new one.  This file would NOT be deleted when re-installing the application.

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