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I have been lucky enough to be picked for the Maker Fair in Rome. Unfortunately I speak no Italian, so I am looking for some one to translate some of my sheets that accompany my exhibits.

1) I have three single pages in the Mac application Pages. I need some one to convert the English words into Italian.

2) I am making a translator which is basically a hand held sound shield and a keypad. The idea is that I can press a button and have the response spoken correctly. While I can't anticipate all the questions, I do get asked a lot of the same questions and I have a list of 32 lines I would like someone to record in Italian. I am looking for some one with the Audacity application or similar to record samples at 22050Hz sample rate in mono and produce a wav file of each line. Attached is a photo of my box being developed, it is not quite finished yet. The LED matrix is going to have a robot mouth that will move roughly in line with the sound. When finished the code and construction will be placed on line as an open source project.

Reply here and I will PM you.

Thank you


If the specific requirements are a problem, the three sheets can be done in Microsoft Word if required and the audio files can be in any format.


Let me understand.
You have 2 different requests:
1) you need help translating into italian you documentation (~3 pages)
2) you need someone that create for you 32 sound files of messages read in italian.

For the first I could help you, for the second one I decline for that I have a "florentine accent" that isn't compatible with your needs  :smiley-sweat: :smiley-sweat:


You have 2 different requests:


For the first I could help you

Thanks, that would be great.
I will send you a PM

I have a "florentine accent"

Ha har, I never think of other languages having an accent, I have a Northern accent myself.


Sep 13, 2013, 11:49 am Last Edit: Sep 13, 2013, 01:25 pm by Grumpy_Mike Reason: 1
As requested here
Here is the list of phrases I need translating:-

1) This is the stand of Grumpy Mike, that's me
2) I don't speak Italian so I made this
3) Thank you for visiting my stand

4) Come and make your own Dinosaur
5) Place the cards one at a time on the box to make the creature you want
6) The reader must see no card before it sees a new card
7) They are RFID cards, the sort that let you through secure doors
8 ) Dinosaurs and people do not mix - they were never on Earth together
9 ) I don't know if it permitted to laugh at an old man in a dress these days

10) Place the tokens on the pegs, the peg will light up red when the box sees it
11) The blue lights are what pegs will play if they have a token on them
12) The token holds the note and what instrument to play it on, the light on the peg determines when that note will be played.
13) It can play up to four notes at the same time, depending on the mode it is set to
14) At the moment it is set to a simple sequence of eight with four notes playing at each step
15) The white marks show what MIDI note number the token holds
16) Some tokens are percussion
17) When you fill up all the pegs you understand it is the gaps between the notes that make a tune interesting
18) Some tokens do not work in all places, try another peg
19) These tokens are used to get access into buildings
20) Just put them back anywhere

21) The idea it to turn out all the light by pressing a lit switch - but any press changes the state of the lights surrounding it depending on if the light pressed is in the centre, corner or middle of a row
22) You can only press a green light
23) You can only press a green or red light
24) You can do the puzzle in this number of turns
25) It is like the other game but much harder, here you have leave only red lights on, you can press a green or red light
26) Look at the middle light, it will flash briefly, then you have to press the light of the same colour that appears around it
27) This just shows patterns of coloured lights
28) The display is an OLED display only a few Euros from eBay
29) Yes they are half ping pong balls
30) Using one finger can sometimes dent the ball please use two or three
31) Do not hit the switches quickly, it will not help. You have to think what switch to press each time.

32) My thanks to xxx who provided my Italian voice


Sep 13, 2013, 12:05 pm Last Edit: Sep 13, 2013, 12:41 pm by PaoloP Reason: 1
1) Questo è lo stand di Grumpy Mike, questo sono io
2) Io non parlo italiano, così ho realizzato questo
3) Grazie per aver visitato il mio stand

4) Vieni e crea il tuo Dinosauro
5) Sistema le carte nel box, una alla volta, per creare l'animale che vuoi
(la traduzione sarebbe creare la creatura ma è cacofonico, bisognerebbe trovare due sinonimi sia per creare che per creatura che "suonino" meglio)
6) Il lettore deve essere vuoto prima di posizionare una nuova carta

21) Lo scopo è di spegnere tutte le luci premendo quelle accese; attenzione, ogni pressione cambia lo stato delle luci vicine in base alla loro posizione: al centro, in un angolo o in mezzo ad una fila.
22) Puoi premere solo le luci verdi
23) Puoi premere solo le luci verdi o rosse.
24) Puoi risolvere il puzzle con questo numero di tentativi
25) E' come l'altro gioco ma molto più difficile. Devi lasciare accese solo le luci rosse potendo premere solo le rosse o le verdi
26)Guarda la luce centrale che lampeggia brevemente. Premi la luce, dello stesso colore, che appare vicino.
28) Il display é OLED e si trova su Ebay a poco prezzo.
29) Sì, sono mezze palline da ping pong
32) Grazie a XXX per avermi prestato la sua voce italiana.

33) Nessun animale è stato maltrattato durante la realizzazione di questo progetto  :smiley-mr-green:


Great, thanks.
Anyone else like to tackle 6 to 20?


For other translations I need to see a picture of the project: I did not understand what you mean by token or pegs.


credo che questa
8. Dinosaurs and people do not mix - they were never on Earth together
I dinosauri e la gente non si mischiano - sono una novità insieme sulla Terra

sia piu corretta come

"Uomini e dinosauri non vanno d'accordo - Non sono mai stati sulla terra insieme"

anche, 30, "dent the ball", credo stia per "intaccare" o "segnare, rovinare" la palla ... "dent" in genere sta per "tacca" ...

"Sopravvivere" e' attualmente l'unico lusso che la maggior parte dei Cittadini italiani,
sia pure a costo di enormi sacrifici, riesce ancora a permettersi.


Sep 13, 2013, 02:50 pm Last Edit: Sep 13, 2013, 06:56 pm by nid69ita Reason: 1
@Grumpy, we do not know the context  :D
It's a game?   Box in italian can be "scatola" but means "container"
I think is useful if you attach also the english manual to understand the context
or the 3 single pages (not Mac please, a pdf or simple text)
or a link to your project web site   (this is on your profile   http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Site/Welcome.html )

Resolution in Audacity, 16, 24 or 32 bits float? (in attach only a test, but I have an orrible voice and orrible microphone)
my name is IGOR, not AIGOR


Sep 13, 2013, 02:54 pm Last Edit: Sep 13, 2013, 03:01 pm by PaoloP Reason: 1
27) Questo mostra tutte le sequenze delle luci colorate

30) Premendo con un solo dito si può rovinare la pallina, usane due o tre insieme.
31) Non premere gli interruttori velocemente, non vi aiuta. Pensate, invece, quale interruttore premere ogni volta.

7) Queste sono tessere RFID come quelle usate per le camere degli alberghi (porte di sicurezza non mi piace)


How does this "device" work? / Come funziona questo "aggeggio"?
A token on a peg -> Un "contrassegno" su un "piolo"

9. I don't know if it permitted to laugh at an old man in a dress these days

Can you explain this? What does it mean? Is it a common saying?


Sep 13, 2013, 08:45 pm Last Edit: Sep 13, 2013, 09:27 pm by Grumpy_Mike Reason: 1
Thanks guys this is great.

For the context phrases 3 to 9 refer to this project:-
While it is simple it is incredibly popular at exhibitions.
I have made a second pack of cards that split up dinosaurs with the artwork not a million miles from this book:-
So the cards for the people and the cards for the dinosaurs switch modes if some one tries to put a dinosaurs head on the body of a person. I say phrase 8 as a sort of joke.
Phrase 10 I say because in the UK we have the notion of being "politically correct", that is not judging other peoples life styles. Some of the people you make could be thought as "cross dressers" or transvestites. They do look funny but strictly you are not supposed to laugh these days but we all do. Again it is a sort of joke.

Phrases 10 to 20 refer to my main exhibit:-
You can see that tokens are hung onto pegs.

The last phrases refer to a new game so no internet page yet.

You push buttons (half ping pong balls ) and the light goes off but lights surrounding them invert. The idea is to get all the lights off. Based on an old game "lights out". Like this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lights_Out_%28game%29 but on a 3 by 3 grid.
I don't know how big my table will be so there might not be room to show this one but I hope to. Photo of it attached.

Hope that helps.


Resolution in Audacity, 16, 24 or 32 bits float? (in attach only a test, but I have an orrible voice and orrible microphone)

That was 16 bits mono at 22050.
It sounded good to me  :)


Ok. So the "tokens" are RFID. You could indicate them as "schede", that means "cards". And "token" as "scheda" (1 card).
Pegs -> gancini
Peg -> gancino

Or maybe the first translation, "piolo" for peg and "pioli" for pegs. Let's wait for other opinions.

The #9 could be translated in different ways, but I think you should forget to use the same meaning that the original phrase as in your language. Every culture has its own common sayings  ;)

You could use:
"Non so se di questi tempi ci si possa permettere di giudicare una persona dagli abiti che indossa"
Like the previous point, let's wait other opinions.

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