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For those interested in attaching a Geophone to an Arduino board. Here is an example w/ an op-amp circuit. I used a breadboard shield and an amplifier circuit for my Geophone test application. The circuit allows you to set an offset so the Geophone output will always be positive for the Arduino analog input. I set the voltage offset to around 2.5V so the analog input signal can transition +/- 2.5V from the offset. I'm actually going to solder the parts onto a proto shield and mount the shield on an Aurdiuno board with a wifi shield so I can monitor movement from a remote location =)

Have fun.



  Thanks for the circuit, but do you have a schema with fritzing for example, because I don't understand so well the IC741 from R1, R2 and Rg in the diagram.



Sir/Madam , please give me the detailed circuit diagram of using geophone with arduino


A basic question...
Why geophone should not be connected directly to Arduino?

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