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Paul -

I have downloaded the library (per p.137) and am faced with two apparent options: CapacitiveSensor and CapacitiveSensorDue.  The former does not have an example except as a .pde file.  The latter has an example, but it will not verify, the following errors being declared:

"CapacitiveSensorDue' does not name a type

And later in the loop:

cs_4_2 [4_6, 4_8] was not declared in this scope.

How can I get a workable h file?

Thank you -


HHMMM - 268+ views of my post but no responses ...  Is that because I've been utterly silly & failed to download the h file properly?  Or is it because there's validity to my issue and no one else can resolve it either?

Frustrated ...


Here's the screen shot for any one who is interested ...


Hello richspry,

You will find the two libraries (CapacitiveSensor, CapacitiveSensorDue) with example sketches here:


I ran both sample sketches with IDE 1.0.4 and they ran OK. Liarco says that they are completely rewritten (7 months ago).
It's about for you to make a try and let us know. Regards!


Apparently they need to be updated for 1.0.5??

Thanks for the response!


For anyone who still has the problem try taking the "CapacitiveSensor" folder out of "arduino-libraries-CapacitiveSensor-3e33f75" and put it in the following directory: Documents\Arduino\libraries
Then close the program and restart it.


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