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I m Using PLC for stepper motor in which i m using PWM for generation  of pulses .. My Ton is 80 ms and my TOFF is 40 ms , and Overlap is 40ms ..  at this setting my motor is not working ..  and if TOFF is increased to 45ms , and overlap is increased to 45 ms it Works ..

I have checked my program pulses on SCOPE and it is found that Ton is 80ms , Toff is 40ms, Overlap is 40 ms .. they are ok

It is a  customized three phase motor with retainer .. motor current is about 0.5 A, and voltage is  24 V DC ...   

To reduce high frequency switching I have  used diode 1N4001 as freewheeling diode ,  but still my motor does not work..

What is probable reason that my motor is not working ...

pl guide 


I m Using PLC for stepper motor
Are you lost? This is the Arduino forum, not a PLC forum.

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