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I am using the iMac to develop code that will eventually run on the Yun. I will change the syntax of my Python v3 code to run under v2.7 on the Yun when fully developed.

The problem that I cannot solve is how to get past the line
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dataFromClient, address = server_socket.recvfrom(256) in my Python code when no UDP message has been sent.

If you can help with that I will be very grateful. In the meantime I will see if I can get Python v2.7 to run on my iMac.
Edit: Python v2.7 running on iMac now so the code I develop should transfer straight across to the Yun :)


Hi guys,
is there somewhere any sketch for sending udp data from the yun to other devices?
Just starting a project for sending sensors data through udp and have no idea if this can be acomplished with yun wifi.
Thanks in advance.




As sonnyyu reported, UDP is currently not supported by Bridge directly, so you'll have to run a python script


I am new to the arduino Yun and its capablity. Could you explain more how to exactly implement a Python code in the Linux side. Do you use the arduino IDE and import the python code or exactly how does it work?

Any help would be much appreciated! Trying to finish a senior design project


Please start a new thread and expose your question. Don't make generic question.
Try to read some documentation or search in the forum and then make a specific question with issues that you encounter.

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