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Hi all...
today I received the "Arduino GSM Shield" (http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoGSMShield) but I can't get it to work!
The problem is the software library ... all the examples contained in the library give error.

TestModem => 'GSMModem' does not name a type

ReceiveSMS => 'GSM_SMS' does not name a type

GSMPachubeClient => 'GSMClient' does not name a type

GSMClient => 'GSMClient' does not name a type in

I get the error when I run the code verification ... so I suppose it is not a hardware problem.

It is probably a stupid mistake but please help me!



What is the version of your Arduino IDE?



Same mine too that problem with GSM, gave up then use SoftwareSerial and GSMSHIELD.


I solve it!!
Arduino GSM Shield library is incompatible with the library of Open Electronics ARDUINO GSM shield (http://www.open-electronics.org/arduino-gsm-shield/).

bye bye ;)


Can you elaborate how to do it?

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