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IF we have an MP3 playing a talk between two persons for about 100 seconds. the talk consists of the following sentence uttered slowly; "I went to my school too late". If we use a mic and input conditioning circuit and Arduino "UNO" and two LEDs (Red and Green). In fact, the input speech to Arduino will be "[Silence]I [Silence]went [Silence] to [Silence] my [Silence]school [Silence]too[Silence] late". How to make the Red led be ON during speech intervals and other led be ON during Silence interval?


You need an envelop follower on the analogue input.
Then read the analogue input and have a window comparator, that is set the silence LED for readings between say 400 and 600 as 512 it the value you should get when there is no audio input.
However this depends on what envelope follower you use.

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