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Hey all!

I've been super excited waiting for the Yun to come out, but at the moment it doesn't seem possible to buy them anywhere in the US. I've checked the normal/popular sources (sparkfun, makershed, etc, etc, etc) and haven't seen them yet, only at the Arduino international store where shipping is something like $70.

I don't mind waiting of course, but if/when there is a place to buy one of these in the US or without such crazy shipping costs I'd love to do it!


I signed up on the Adafruit site to be notified when they are in stock which hopefully will be very soon. 


Good idea - I didn't see that, so thank you!


I have been on the Adafruit notify list for weeks. Got notified last Thursday afternoon, they had 75 Yuns in stock at $89. 74 in stock after my order and by Friday morning they were gone and Yun was on back order again. Have not seen it on Sparkfun, but Sparkfun is in Boulder and that area has major flooding problems right now. Saw it on another site (do not remember where) at $99.

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