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I am currently writing a book on C, and using the Arduino, using both the 'wired' C functions and also using ANSI C and access to the ATmega627 microcontroller direct.  This allows fine tuning of Arduino programs.  I am also looking at how a program written for the Arduino can be ported to a different microcontroller, and possible things to look out for.

But I need copyright permissions.

I have tried following the usual copyright paths but they do not appear to lead to a contact.

I have also tried contacting the Arduino Team members David Cuartielles, David Mellis, Giantuca Martino, and Tom Igoe but they all seem to be unconnected (?). 

Does anyone know a contact?  There must be one because other people have written books on the Arduino with illustrations of the ARduino UNO board and IDE.



The Arduino Team - you can PM them here in the forum - Massimo just replied to a couple of posts for example.

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