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I am currently using a 4d systems display and I am able to put images on it. However I would like to make a slide show activated by touching anywhere on the screen. Does anyone know how I would go about that.

This is the display I am using http://www.4dsystems.com.au/product/1/8/4D_Intelligent_Display_Modules/uLCD_28PTU/


Well I'd read the manual that comes with the free Graphic Workshop program from 4D Systems first. Theres even an Arduino library too. I also highly recommend the programing cable too as your display can operate in GFX or SGC modes and while what you want to do is easy in GFX mode it can be standalone, like a picture 'frame' with memory or it can do the same thing as a serial graphics terminal in SGC mode and in either case the graphics are stored on the SD card on the board... the serial cable is required to change the PmmC modules from SGC to GFX, also to update them should it be necessary... The cable is just a FTD232RQ but the reset is different than a regular USB to TTL adapter. I got mine for $22.00 from Robot Shop...
I own 2 of the 3.2 PT modules and for the money they sure return a lot of value above the simple and excellent graphics capabilities... A real serial terminal with touch too. it even has it's own serial I/O on board the display... Speaker too.

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