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Hello everybody! My name is Santi and i'm new on all this arduino thing!
I would like to start and i belive the best way to lean is trying to build something.
Yesterday i saw this project on kickstarter http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aesthetec/little-robot-friends?ref=category and i would like to build something like that but using arduino, do you think its possible?
Can you tell me what components do you recommend to buy? (from the board to the last sensor)
I think will have light sensor, sound sensor, multi colored led, maybe something to play sounds, touch sensor, temperature sensor, maybe a board that can use batteries to be able to move it, a board with space to program behaivors, and whatever you think can improve it.
Do you see it as a too hard project? I have no expertice with arduino but i'm a System Engineer and know about coding.
Thanks in advance!

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