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Hi to all,

Herewith I'm open sourcing my new Quadratron board.
The purpose of this board is to provide a flexible, modular and isolated way to drive 4 power transistors, which can be configured in variable ways, e.g. H-bridge. This can be used to drive DC and AC motors, transformers, coils, single- and double-rail circuits, single-phase driven 3PH motors , etc.
Typical operating voltage is 400V and current of 4A, totaling to 1600VA.

In fact this is a kind of Arduino-mega shield, but much larger (due to the power specs). Normally shields are put on top of the Arduino. In this case, the Arduino need to be put on top of the Quadratron (upside down of course).

I know from many forums that people are struggling sometimes to build power mosfet or igbt drivers. Well here you have it, and it is all electrically ISOLATED from your Arduino (up to 1kV isolation). It works easyly up to a few 100 kHz. The Quadratron has 4 isolated power channels, which you can configure in any way you like.

The design is completely Open Source Hardware, including Eagle files and part list.
Please read the INFOSHEET for more detailed information.

The attached zip file contains:
   - Eagle design files
   - part list
   - Gerber files for PCB making

Note that in the picture below, the mosfet or igbt is not mounted.

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