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I am looking at some 16x32 red LED matrixes from seeedstudio.


It mentions hub08 protocol but a search of the internet gives me no information on what this protocol is, but I do find many other similar products that use this and the hub12 protocol.




Their demo code shows how to drive it I believe.
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yeah I looked at the code, I was hoping for some actual docs on the protocol(s) and not having to reverse engineer the code.  I guess documentation is over rated....


The hub08 board I have is different from the seed studio board.   It is a 64 pixel by 16 pixel board.
The connector is labeled:

2  A      B      C     D    G1   G2  LT    SK    16
1  GND GND GND EN   R1  R2   GND GND 15

I now understand what A/B/C/D are, from the demo code I found in github.
EN is obviously ENABLE.  and SK is the clock.
Does anyone know what R1/R2/G1/G2 are?    And what is LT?


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R and G means RED and GREEN. LT means LATCH. After serial data clocked into shift registers through R1, R2 and G1, G2 by clock signal (SK), the latch (LT) signal puts them to the output of the register for controlling LEDs.

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