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I am trying to control an USB device (lab equipment controller) via Due's USB Host port. The USB device is based on FT232RL.
I have no problems connecting from the PC but I am not really sure how to do it from Due.
I spent a lot of time searching the forum around this topic but I couldn't find any good examples.

Initially I just connected the two devices with an USB cable and used SerialUSB.print to send commands from DUE to the device, however it didn't work.  I am actually not sure if any connection was established at all.

Just to be able to debug the whole process I thought maybe the simplest thing to do is to try to connect another Arduino Uno via USB to the Due's Host port. That's what I did... the plan was to send via SerialUSB.print some text from DUE and wait for the text on the Arduino UNO end.It didn't work as well.

It can be that there is something very basic that I am missing.
I would appreciate any advice on this ... or a link to something similar that has been discussed in the past on the forum.


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