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is there a specific sequence i am not following?

We can't see what you are doing since you're not posting code.

But the general approach is to output a high and a low on whatever pins go from the Arduino to the motor boards direction control pins, then to reverse you swop the high / low to be low / high. You would put a delay between the two to let it run for a short while.

Something like this: 

Code: [Select]
int ControlPin1 = 9; // or whatever
int ControlPin2= 10; // or whatever

void setup()
pinMode(ControlPin1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(ControlPin2, OUTPUT);

void loop()
digitalWrite(ControlPin1, HIGH);
digitalWrite(ControlPin2, LOW);
delay(500); // or however long it takes to extend

digitalWrite(ControlPin2, HIGH);
digitalWrite(ControlPin1, LOW);
delay(500); // or however long it takes to retract

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