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Prototype 20A converter, in progress.  Still waiting on a couple of components.  This costs $30.  If it works as expected, I'm going to order parts for a bunch of them.

I'd rather have Arduino shields.  But it looks like there isn't enough interest to get that done.


Sorry mate. Havent checked on this thread for a while.
Iv'e got a little time at the moment so I can do a little more testing. I am going to re-design the board again and make a few little changes.
I'm going to get rid of the hall effect sensors as they are not very accurate and drift alot!
I'm also going to move the pins around and increase the capacitance. You will be able to jumper any PWM pin to the mosfet driver.

Where do you live benjamindees?


Hi antman,

would you please share the schematic for your buck converter?

Is it possible to connect the output of these in series?



Hey Antman,

I'd also be really interested in your schematic. I had a project to build a peltier driven  heating and cooling device that has largely floundered because of the design and (mostly) assembly of the buck converter. A schematic for this would be really helpful.


Very cool, I have been trying something similar with a boost converter...

Hi Dan,
It's been awhile since your last post, how's your boost converter going?

I've built the boost converter with mppt to charge ebike battery using solar panel, but most (pretty much all) arduino uno processing power goes to the custom pwm, as I need pwm freq faster than 50kHz. I should research to uno pwm capability better shouldn't I?

Anyhoo, trying to fly my flag here, my boost mppt charger, works well and tested, here:


Hi Rudsy

I just stumbled on your blog showing your MPPT boost converter. Great job! It looks like you have really nailed the software.
I have been working on a new buck converter shield for the last week and I've just ordered the parts to put it together. Hopefully if it all goes well I might be able to adapt my hardware to work with your software. I could even look at making a boost converter instead of a buck.
See the progress here
Where are you located?


Where is the circuit diagram?I am intended to built one for MPPT solar charge controller construction for my home use.I know it's a bit late!But i will be greatfull if you provide the circuit diagram....

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