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Jul 01, 2009, 09:59 am Last Edit: Jul 01, 2009, 10:03 am by tkj Reason: 1
Sounds good... Very nice project you've made :)
About the connection, don't you need any voltage converter for the different lines? Aren't the display running on 3.3V!
I have a display with voltage booster for the backlight too - http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8600

About the backlight color, you can use (change, as it's already in the code) this code line.
Code: [Select]
The lcd_clear command just makes a square box with the color,x1,x2,y1,y2 parameters! I hope you understand that  :P

Also, I can see that you don't know what the "itoa" command is.
It's a integer to string command, which converts a integer to a string so it can be used as a char* parameter.
There is also the "atoi" command, which converts a string (char*) with numbers into a integer value.

Sprintf can do the same as both of them, but it use 1.5K of code, while theese only use a couple of bytes :)


Actually I have both the BL and VCC connected to 5v. No problems so far, hope I don't damage anything  :-X

Well, when I use the lcd_clear command, it does just that, it clears. When I have any information on the screen, it just looks like it's flashing because it keeps looping, and if I put in a delay, it just flashes, but slower. :P

And yes I understand the parameters, I think, haha battle ship! :) But minus the letters. As for the itoa, doesn't make too much sense to my noobness at the moment, but slowly but surely everythings making more sense. :)


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You can change the X1,X2,Y1,Y2 parameter to only clear an area... So if you want to flash the background of only a little area (making a flashing box) you could do this:
Code: [Select]

But wouldn't this works for flashing the background of the text?
Code: [Select]
nokiaLcd.lcd_draw_text(WHITE,BLACK, 100, 105, text);
nokiaLcd.lcd_draw_text(BLACK,WHITE, 100, 105, text);

Also please tell me, is it the same display you have, as I have?


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Actually, I have the 6610, I believe the one you're using is the 6600. I read your first post, I have the same controller as yours. Well here, check this website, it has everything I started with lol the newbie code, and there are some amazing PDFs
There's a like 130 page tutorial on how to write code for the LCD driver, but it's just way above my head.

And @ the flashing, I don't want it to flash! haha, I'm just looking for a background color. (I just fixed it, turns out I had the lcd_clear in my loop.. so no wonder it was going to flash really fast)!

Using nokiaLcd.lcd_clear(BLACK, 0, 0, 131, 131);
The background does turn black, but it blinks very fast, not a background.

Oh, ... reading the main reason for this post, lol
When I was hooking up the screen for power, uh, I'm not sure if it would be parallel or series, but I ran 5v to the power rail on the bread board, and spread the power out there, including both the VBL and VCC. And of course, did the same with ground.  
When I tried using resistors and even the transistor, I had problems. But I couldn't get anything to show up at all with the tutorial on the Arduino website for the Epson controller.


Your display is a 3.3 to 5V display which is very nice.
You can just connect it directly to the Arduino - so you are pretty lucky as I can't! :D
It because it has an 74LCX245 onboard, which is a Voltage Converter...


Ah, I thought I posted that earlier somewhere.
But I also paid $40 after shipping, and I got it within 3 days.

Stupid voltage converters.. :X
Do you know of any code I could take a glance at and figure out how to set up a menu? I tried looking through the Nuelectronics Nokia shields library, but yeah.. no good! :D


I won't make your projects :P
But I will help you getting started, and that's what I've done so far...
Now, try on your own - you have a complete library to use  :o


Haha, no no! I thank you much! I'm trying to learn as much as I can, I'd rather you not make it :D

I'm just a little confused on where to start with making a menu, haha but that's part of the game I suppose! :D
Well wish me luck! :)


Hey guys, I gave this a spin using one of the sparkfun Nokia LCD boards.  It sorta works - I'm getting garbled blue and white junk on the lcd. I can make out the text - just.

I'm assuming these are still shipping with the Epson controller.

Who's tried the Sparkfun board - did you hook up the pin 2 to anything?

#define BL 2          // Digital 2 --> BL
#define CS 3          // Digital 3 --> #CS
#define CLK 4         // Digital 4 --> SCLK
#define SDA 5         // Digital 5 --> SDATA
#define RESET 6       // Digital 6 --> #RESET

Any ideas anyone? It's got me puzzled!


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Hmm. Gravitech had some smaple code for the Philips controller. That just gives me blue screen, so I've definitely got Epsons. I have two and they are both doing this.

I've tried it on two different 3.3v Arduinos, re-did my wiring. Same results.  I can see that even with the backlight powered off, the same thing is happening, so I don't think it's noise related.


Jul 05, 2009, 08:31 am Last Edit: Jul 05, 2009, 08:35 am by thoed Reason: 1
I'm not sure if none of them have the dc-to-dc converter, but the couple people I talked to, didn't include it.
I got mine from Gravitech.us and it came with the voltage booster (dc-to-dc converter), boosting 3.3v or 5v to 7v, which is what is required for the backlight.
So you may have to try out the tutorial from the Arduino website, trying to hook up the power as suggested

But, if you've read through this post completely, you'll see that somebody else tried to hook up all the voltage dividers and whatever else is on that page, and didn't have any luck.
So I'm not 100% sure as far as the sparkfun LCDs go.
But, I did have the same issue, just a black screen, but that was before I hooked up the VBL (power-boosting backlight) and the VCC to the same power supply, then I got the lame gravitech blinking sample!
Also, try a second power supply for the VCC, but BL on the arduino still.

Best of luck.

EDIT: You said you tried the Phillips sample code, but what about the Epson sample code? PS, you can thanks Thomas J for the LCD library for the epson controller, scroll up a bit and download it.
http://gravitech.us/MicroResearch/Others/LCD6100/LCD6610_Arduino.pde  I just uploaded this, and followed the pin setup from the sketch, didn't work my first time.. I disconnected it, tried again the next day, and worked.. must've missed something when I was connecting it, haven't had any issues since.


Jul 05, 2009, 01:08 pm Last Edit: Jul 05, 2009, 01:13 pm by blip Reason: 1
The Sparkfun board has the voltage booster for the backlight - it's almost the same setup as the Gravitech one. The fact that there is something getting through to the LCD controller...enough to get some text on there, but the colors and stuff seems all screwed up has got me baffled. I hope there is not some problem with this batch or something.

Ive tried a few different combinations with power supplies, no change.

You've given me hope, I'll pull it all apart and hook it up again from scratch in the morning. Over it for today. >:(

BTW - I'm using teh latest version of the IDE (Arduino-0016) is that what you guys are running?


Jul 05, 2009, 03:12 pm Last Edit: Jul 05, 2009, 03:16 pm by thoed Reason: 1
What do you mean the colors seem screwed up?

Unplugging and plugging in the board from the Arduino (or breadboard, from 5v to Arduino in my case), caused funky colors, and even 1 line of LCDs to be.. brighter than the others, but again, the brighter line hasn't showed up and no funky colors!
But I don't unplug it without unplugging the Arduino anymore, had me skurred I ruined a line.
What do you mean by getting messed up colors? Just like, red not showing up as red? etc.

And if you have the voltage booster, no external circuitry should be needed, where do you have your VBL setup? (the voltage booster) Make sure that's in 5v or 3.3v, and make sure the VCC and VBL are on the same voltage, I had issues trying to hook up the VBL on 5v, and VCC on 3.3v.
Sorry if any of this seems really obvious but it's those obvious things that usually get me in the end :D Just trying to give perspective from my issues.

I'm using 0016 as well. I would contact Sparkfun and give them the heads up.. they're really good at taking care of customers. I've yet to get a bad item from them.


Strange thing is that the image is solid and flips back and forward like the demo should, just that it's all junk.

I've dropped Sparkfun support an email.

I tried putting decoupling capacitors on the power, tried some terminating resisitors on the data lines. Frustrating.

I can'd find an example of anyone directly interfacing a 3.3v arduino/atmel  to this board. ThomasJ is using a 5v board with interfacing. Wah.


Just tried it with a 5v Arduino, but ran all the data lines through logic level converters to get them down to 3.3v...and the results were..THE SAME. :-[

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