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Hello all, I'm still having problem like on blips picture. Ok I solved messed up fonts, but the color... Everything is bluelike, black color is dark blue and yellow doesn't exist at all. It is LCD breakboard from sparkfun I'm using. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can someone give any tip to try. Please heeelp :) Thanks!


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Hi All,
I just got the sparkfun nokia LCD working by using phokur's code adjustments and the libraries above. Thanks! I am using a level converter so all the logic lines on the nokia get 3.3V.
I wrote a function to draw circles people might find handy.. It could be improved by adjusting the increment amount in the for loop relative to the size of the radius but here it is.

void draw_circle(int radius, int center_x, int center_y, byte color){
 for(float arg = 0; arg < TWO_PI; arg += 0.05 ){
    int ax = radius * cos(arg);
    int ay = radius * sin(arg);
    byte xpos = center_x + ax;
    byte ypos = center_y + ay;
    nokiaLcd.LCD_put_pixel(color, xpos, ypos);

Enjoy :)

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