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i've an school project to develop an pulse sensor with pulsesensor Arduino(http://dx.com/pt/p/pulsesensor-arduino-pulse-heart-rate-sensor-black-white-233467) and Bluetooth module(http://dx.com/pt/p/bluetooth-master-uart-board-communication-module-blue-152175). I didn't buy this equipment yet, because at the moment I should do the BOOM or in other words the requirements and list of all equipment necessary do develop this project.
One requirement of project, in the end only exists two (moduls & sensor) <-> smartphone (pulse sensor and bluetooth module)and data is transferred between them. Arduino shouldn't make part of project in the end because is bad for portability of solution.
Can i do this without depend of arduino to receive reader data on smartphone?


Arduino shouldn't make part of project in the end because is bad for portability of solution.

You're mot going to use an Arduino, so you are asking how not to on the Arduino forum? Rather ironic, I think.

Do you visit the Ford dealer for advice on how not to buy and use a Ford?


Maybe i don't explain as well as i should.
On smartphone development we can use Arduino and all their shields to test functionalities. So I need to do is use arduino Bluetooth module to connect to smartphone. However, to test protocol communication on first stage i will need to use an Bluetooth module with pulse sensor (slave) and connect to arduino Bluetooth shiled (master). With this two components I can test and develop an application to read and understand slave node.
Finally when mobile application is done and running on smartphone what I pretend to do is replace 'arduino Bluetooth shiled (master)' by bluetooth  of smartphone and this one will be the master node who will recibe data from slave node and display on interface.
Sorry if I don't explain well.

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