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Ok, you all are going to hate me, but I figured out the problem.  My router had been reset and that removed the security and password.  So when I'd go in to configure the Yun's wi-fi connection, I changed the security settings to what I thought my router was set to.  Since it had no security, that meant that the connection type Yun was trying to make was invalid, therefore no connection.

In the future, moral of the story is to make sure you are sending the right credentials to the router when Yun tries to connect.  Hopefully this will help one person who runs into the same thing.  Thanks all for your help in troubleshooting this issue.




Thanks, now I've got my router blocking access to the site where I'm trying to send the data.  So it looks like a whole different round of troubleshooting ahead of me.  But I got the Arduino working, which is a relief.

Thanks again.

- Zack

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