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I bought an Arduino Yun. Now,  I would like to plug it on my Robotics Shield Kit (for Arduino) based on    Parallax BOE Shield . Such a kit is compliant with Arduino Uno R3.

I'm a newbie in arduino so I doubt about the possibility to replace directly the uno one by the Yun one.

Have you any advice for me?


Have you any advice for me?

Try it. Tell us what problems you encounter.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


You're right, be pragmatic..

I connected my Arduino Yun to an USB cable but  I've got no power on my shied :(

First step : bad news


It seems like that shield requires 7 to 12V while the yun gives 5V


I saw this specs but why is it ok with my Uno one powered by USB too?


Hello again with my troubles with Yun and BOE Shield Parallax.

After some measuring, I realized that Yun and Uno (USB connected)  deliver the same output voltage on 5V and Vin  ~4.5 V. The respectives pins of the shield give the same thing when the switch is on 0. But when I press the switch on the shield and I pass it to one the Vin Yun down to about 2.5 V. I think that the reason why I can't powered correctly the shield.

Any idea ?


Ok I found a solution.

I just picked the 5V output of the Yun and put it in the Vin entry of the BOE Shield and now it rocks.

I suppose that I will be able to use a regulated mobile charger and to do the same sketch without a câble.

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