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Hi all. I am slowly getting to grips with my Arduino Due. I want to use it for its DAC for audio synthesis.
At the moment I am trying to get an HC05 generic bluetooth module to work with it so I can  use processing for Android to program a GUI interface that will send commands to the Arduino. For a start I want to be able to turn pins on and off on the DUE via bluetooth. I have the Processing4Android ketai library.
Can anyone help me with parsing information through bluetooth? For instance, sending a '1' character through a serial terminal like blueterm to turn a pin on on the DUE. I know how to set up the BT module but not to send data to it.....

Any help seriously appreciated.
Smooberry Dooberry.


:D Well after a few hours of trying several ways to turn an LED on or off via a bluetooth terminal on my Android with the BT module connected up to the tablet & the Arduino I found out how to do it but there were problems..
I managed to be able to send text from Android to Arduino Serial monitor and vice versa but no luck with turning pins on & off...
After a little web searching I found out that serial port 0 is also used in the USB configuration debug so changing the Serial port used from 0 to 2 I can now control the pins from Android and turn LEDs on and off.
A simple program involves opening a serial port and when serial data is available, reading the incoming data and using if statements to turn the pins on or off. There is a nice project here:http://www.instructables.com/id/Andruino-A-Simple-2-Way-Bluetooth-based-Android-C/?ALLSTEPS that I have now got working.
I changed all Serial commands to Serial2 commands though.....Now to get my teeth into the Ketai library..  ;)
Smooberry Dooberry.

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