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I want to make a little prototype data logging product that will count the number of times my som does a somersault, flip, cartwheel and so on. He's getting into free running and I thought it would be a fun development of the classic pedometer.
But I'm not sure  what sensor I should use for this. I'm guessing it would be an accelerometer or gyroscope or maybe both. I'm imaging the device is either worn on a belt or strapped to his ankle/shoe.
Any advice gratefully received!


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when you say "somersault, flip, cartwheel" a basic pedometer would not be able to detect these particular motions. however if you use a fast gyro/accelerometer you could then possibly build an lqe - linear quadratic estimator (Kalman Filter) so the arduino can calculate its heading and angular position. you could log these values at specified intervals to an sd card and then use an external application like Python to decipher the arduino's path and calculate number of the runners steps based on counting the numbers of peaks. one could also map the taken path using something like Blender/Python as well and do even fancier interpretation of the data.

S.L.A.M. (Simultaneous localization and mapping). very neat:

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