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FYI   I just bought a new laptop and had to update all my files and apps. Updated to Arduino 1.6.8. Surprise to see a new section in the Examples item #10 StarterKit_Basickit. All the programs are written for you.


I can't understand, If the video were released under CC licence why the Starter kit book wasn't?
Maybe they could release it and it's source formatting code (if it's written using LaTeX or something similar) under a public repository with a free and open licence, so everybody can correct errors and improve it.

It would be a great advantage for us and for the company too, because they could include a new version of the book with the starter kit.

However they should include with the starter kit a code to download a pdf/mobi/epub version of the book, IMHO.


We [1] have just purchased twelve Genuino Starter Kits, which we want to use in educational courses for kids here in Herakilon, Greece and the version that we received has been released under CC-By-SA. [see attached image]

I would like to help building a platform for educational material released under CC-By-SA in various languages.

Any ideas where to start?
Thanks for any pointers or any help in finding digital (translatable) material or maybe even a ready platform (maybe wiki)!


[1] http://commonslab.gr


Here it is...

Somebody gave me this link. It is there. Just copy the link on your Mozilla Firefox and voilá!




my pupils just found a bug in the code of the Project 12 in this book.
On the page 131 in the book there is a code.
After the line 49 they inserted the following code:
numberOfKnock = 0;
Only this way works the Knock Lock project properly.
Best, Pali


Thank you, Mariano! I have all the lights on, and my bi-focal glasses too (granted, they're an expired prescription, because I subsist on my entitlement) and I still can't read that tiny grey text without giving myself a migraine. Such a blessing to be able to peruse it, now, on my 36"

(I must agree, it really ought to be on a Wiki where the smarter ones amongst you can be correcting it's errors, and it can format itself to *my* environment, rather than the other way around.


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I guess its part og the job to figure out where the errors are, and what functions. Elektricity is party a personal interpretation and partly universal laws. Its like learning to swim.

Got the kit and book some days ago. And it has no big errors . Works fine . No worries .


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JP - Thanks a million for the link!  I was constantly losing my place (and mind) trying to keep the book open while working out the code.  Karma +1 to you! 

Now I just need to contend with its reported mistakes about the basic laws of physics and I'm set!


Registered just so I could say thank you! btw if you're reading a 2 page view mode your pdf reader may show the wrong page. The pages with code are intended to be side by side so this version may be better (at least for the exercise on page 56)


sad to hear about the mistakes but the starter kit is fun as hell and you do get a lot of value out of it. I found the explanations about volts/amps to be better over at instructables.com "ROBOTS CLASS" (super fun too)



comment on rajoute atmegaS128 sur mini.menu.cpu ? merci


I removed the watermark and the PDF can be found here:


For those who don't want students using copy/paste for their coding at the beginner level, here is a folder of the non-watermarked version from IReallyDo and jphenning coverted into .png files.


Best wishes! Love the forum!!!
~Dr. Maz


Here's a bit.ly (CaPSsenSitIvE)
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<a href="http://bit.ly/mazArduinoProjects" target="_blank">http://bit.ly/mazArduinoProjects</a>
~Dr. Maz


i dunno who´s property it is first link on google for arduino project book pdf:


its the full book digitally

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