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     I ordered the kit as well and as far as the book all i got was the above links. I have not used them as yet but if you want to learn some interesting stuff from a tutor ,I recommend you-tube Paul McWorter. He takes you through the math where its needed,using ohms law, some slope formulas  and pretty in dept explanations where needed. 
     Here is a link to one of his videos on DC motors,i think its lesson 37 , he also teaches classes for Py thon, Raspberry  Pi as well. How can you go wrong there , you learn at your own pace, someone on this site suggested it to me and i have been following it right along ,free to watch and great knowledge was gained .
     Save this site for great help from all the people on here for help with programming and or project guidance help, save them their valuable time explaining things you could learn on your own .

Sorry moderators if I violated any rules here with this post.


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