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I am having problems with uploading firmware to my Arduino Mega 1280. The problem occurs when checking the firmware. While checking the firmware I get many error messages. The strange thing is that it used to work perfectly fine. Nothing has changed since. I'm still using the same version of the arduino software, the same computer and the same arduino board.

The firmware I am trying to upload to my Arduino is the marlin firmware from reprap (http://reprap.org/wiki/Marlin). I've tried multiple versions but all of them give errors.
The arduino version it used to work on is 1.0.3, the reprap site (http://reprap.org/wiki/Marlin) said version 0022 should work however on this version I am also getting a bunch of errors.
The board seems to connect fine. I can control my 3d printer like I always could, only compiling the firmware goes wrong.

To me it looks like the problem has nothing to do with the board since the problem occurs while compiling. Nothing as far as I know has changed.

Here are the errors arduino 1.0.3 gives me with the marlin firmware:
The main error was "void manage_inactivity(byte debug);"
The rest of the log can be found here (dropbox link): https://db.tt/hnUBCboX

And here are the erros Arduino 0022 gives with the same marlin firmware:
Main error: "char axis_codes[NUM_AXIS] = {"
And the rest of the log for arduino 0022 (dropbox link): https://db.tt/tSAjEAfV

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In the list of errors for 1.0.3, the first error is:
/Configuration.h:2:1: error: unterminated #ifndef

I would start with Configuration.h and fix that problem.

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