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I have to collect weight data over time. My first lineup, was to use the SCART from the weight and connect it to a computer. Using a data logger program, I transfer this data to an Excel sheet. But the Excel sheet crashes all the time and I will now try to use an Arduino. How do I get the weight with a SCART connected with my Arduino Uni? I have only a little experience with Arduino.

Hope for some hints!

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Where does the Arduino fit into the picture?

You've got a scale/balance and a data logger, and you want to do what?  Print-out the data to a printer?    Save it in a file?

SCART is an audio-video interface....  Do you mean SD card (a memory card) or something else?

If Excel is crashing, there's something wrong with your computer or you're doing something wrong with Excel.   I've never seen Excel crash.   Millions of people use Excel everyday...    


Can you provide us with a link to the weighing machine that you have?

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