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Hi, I have a case here that I can't really solve.

Code: [Select]
      notConnected = false;
      Serial.println("Not connected");

This code I know is for the connection of my sim to its network.
I can't realy connect. the arduino is stucked in here: if(gsmAccess.begin(PINNUMBER)==GSM_READY)
so these are the steps I have taken in order for me to make sure that my GSM shield is working and it has a signal.

1. I have burned another program using another gsm shield library. and it works! But I really need the codes from the sample sketches since it has a code something like this: while(Serial.available > 0)...lalala.
2. whenever I call the sim card in my shield using another cell phone, it rings. therefore it has a signal. And then the serial monitor will display "not connected.".
3. I have tried two different sim cards from different networks.
4. I am 100% sure that the default pin of those two sim cards are "1234". I've check it using my nokia phone.
5. I tried putting 1234 in the #define pin already.
6. I tried leaving the #define pin blank.

so tell me what is wrong? :(
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Are you using GSM Shield from e-gizmo?
If yes, that builtin library of Arduino IDE will not work, I don't know why, I tried that many times but not working, I think that library is for Arduino GSM Shield only.

Are you using SIM900 gsm module?
The library that flawlessly work for me is came from this http://www.gsmlib.org/

What Pin# are you using to connect gsm shield to arduino?
I think Arduino can't talk to you gsm shield.

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