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I'm about to start everything about robotics. I am searching for a while and decided to use aurdino and components if i can. The dc motors i prefer to use are working optimum at 12V and expend about 2A onload. And i need 2 of these DC Motors pluged to the aurdino at the same time on load.
With at least 12-14.4V, 10-12A of battery. In these conditions Can I Use Aurdino?


You CANNOT connect any motor directly to an Arduino because it cannot provide that sort of power. The Arduino provides the control signals for a motor driver board that sits between your motor and the Arduino. You need to choose a motor driver that is suitable for your motor.

Browsing the Pololu website will give you a feel for the sorts of things that are available. Similar devices are available from many suppliers. Another option is an Electronic Speed Control (ESC) which is often used in radio-controlled models. The Hobby King website has lots of them. An ESC is usually controlled using the Arduino Servo library.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


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