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Somebody please  help...I have recently purchased the Arduino Uno.. I downloaded the software Arduino 1.0.5...

I was trying out the blink led programming..Here's a list of following problems I am facing:-
1>  When i check via control panel it shows "com9" while when I open the arduino software most of the time it shows "COM1" while sometimes it shows "COM9"..  Why arduino software does not detect the "COM9" ..Why???..

2 > When I tried uploading the programm first time.. It showed a error message.. Surprisingly the TX led started shining.. I started hitting the reset button but nothing happened.. I was looking at the pc while suddenly I realized that now Rx led had turned on too.. Somehow now both the leds are off.. I don't understand a single thing.. Please someone help me..

Now the software is not programming .. It shows the following message.. (http://postimg.org/image/lpza9r153/)

Coding Badly

Coding Badly

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