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Hi all,
I have the new Intel Galileo Arduino, I downloaded the new IDE Intel_Galileo_Arduino_SW_1.5.3_on_Windows_v0.7.5  but when I plug the usb cable and power, the COM is not known from Windows 7 , please do you know why? and if for you happened too?
this is a error I see,so it seems it's not for windows but for linux on the intel website. Do you know any email to say that or the solution where to take the correct files?

!   C:\Intel_Galileo_Arduino_SW_1.5.3_on_Windows_v0.7.5.zip: Cannot create arduino-1.5.3\hardware\tools\x86\i586-poky-linux-uclibc\usr\src\debug\uclibc\0.9.33+gitAUTOINC+946799cd0ce0c6c803c9cb173a84f4d607bde350-r8.4\git\libpthread\nptl\sysdeps\unix\sysv\linux\pthread_attr_setaffinity.c

    The system cannot find the path specified.

please tell me if you know.


Windows can not handle properly very long path/file names, especialy 256 characters and more. The:
is 212 characters long. It is close to the limit. Try to install into C:\ instead of C:\something\something\....

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