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I am on the edge now of reprogramming the Arduino Yum with a six pound hammer! but i thought I'd ask for a bit of help before I do that.

For some reason I am having ALOT of trouble accessing the Yun control panel on, so that I can change the wi-fi network that it is attached to.

IF (and I am not always able to) I connect to the Yun in access point mode (IE I directly link my Laptop to the Yun over wi-fi) I try to go to, I get a bad gateway message. Sometime windows will not even let me connect to the Yun at all.

I have run the YunSerialTerminal sketch, accessed failsafe mode, changed directory to /usr/bin, and entered "./reset-to-factory-anyway". Rebooated both laptop and yun. Accessed the AP point. pointed chrome to and hey presto Bad Gateway!

Something is really really wrong.

Any assistance would be appreciated. I am wasting days of my life here, and I have only got one of those....



With the little info you have given, it's hard to give you a definitive answer, but for a start to help and track this down, please post the output of a route print on your Windows laptop console when you get the error message, together with a screenshot showing the browser window when you get the error...


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