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Dears .. I am newbie to this pretty world (Ardunio)  :smiley-red:
I need to input the audio (speech) to the Uno then make some changes to the sound after changing it to the digital format..
then return the value to analog then to speaker..

I need:
1. How to connect mic (I want to use the one in the headset) to the Uno.. ? should we need to use LPF or other interfacing cct?
    the following IC is available :
    AD547 ALD  = 12 bit analog to digital converter
    ADC 0804   = 8 bit analog to digital converter
2. How to return the processed digital value to analog again ? any interfacing required in this step?

I really appreciate any help direction support ...
please do not forget to support with diagrams  ;)


The Uno has 2 kB of memory. I doubt that is enough to hold enough speech to hold it, modify it, and then return it.
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