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       I'm trying to compile the YUN's image following the instructions on this page http://playground.arduino.cc/Hardware/Yun
The build process continue until it stops on trying to download crmtp server package 's files from SVN : it said it is unable to authenticate with the server and it fails... (and it seems an anonymous login)
anyone with the same problem?
Thanks you

P.S: it's a great product, full of potential! :) a nice upgrade from UNO!


Hi dega1999
Unfortunately, not every package definition is stored on github. A greater number of packages are available in what openwrt (linino is a fork of it) calls "feeds". These feeds are not under our control and sometimes they may fail.

In order to build the image I try to enable as many packages as I can, so that you can install them on the yun, disabling those that fail as soon as I get an error

I suggest you to do the same. You can also update the feeds re-executing
Code: [Select]

./scripts/feeds uninstall -a 
rm -rf feeds
./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a

and re-try.


Thanks you Federico,  I will try and keep updated about it :)

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