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Roque Campos

Dear friends,

First I have to request apologizes about my not very good English. I'm playing around with my new Arduino Yun, and I can read in the getting started guide the following:

You're discouraged from using the Yún's built-in non-volatile memory, because it has a limited
number of writes.
You can use external memory like a microSD card or thumb drive for saving data, or your own
scripts, web pages, etc. For the Yún to access and store information on these drives through the
32U4, they need to have a directory named arduino in the root of the volume


I installed in my Linino linux sqlite3 with the purpose of record and query  a lot of temperature data for a long time. And the question is, if it is not recommended to use the internal storage of the Yun, how can I configure sqlite3 to create the database files in the sd card?

Is there a sort of sqlite.conf file where this can be done? (If possible).

Thank you in advance

R. Campos.


sqlite requires the location of the database as a parameter. Take a look here http://www.sqlite.org/quickstart.html

Roque Campos

Thank you very much for your answer. I request apologizes, it was a completely obvious answer.

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