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i looking for help in my project

my project is to build  a spectrometer using arduino .. l found that i can use a ccd sensor with arduino to build that spectrometer.
the idea of this project is summarized in the pdf attached.

from that website that i took my idea from , i found the code and it should be run using processing language
now since the code is for processing , how to connect that code with arduino board ..?

i decided to use ccd sensor ( ILX511  model ) with this arduino ..the output of this sensor should be connected to which pin in the arduino ?since it is not specified in the code which pin should be input for arduino (A0 ,A1 or any analog pin)

and last thing i tried to run the code and it worked perfectly , it shows the graph of light's intensity vs wavelenghts
now i am stuck  how to connect this sensor with arduino board  and how to connect the arduino board with the processing code

the idea pdf and the code files are attached

thanks in advance


Its not clear from the datasheet how slowly you can run the sensor - its designed to
shiftout samples at 1MHz or so, but there doesnt seem to be an indication of how
slowly it will work.

As configured the Arduino handles about 10k samples per second, note.  The ADC can be
pushed faster, and for this device it looks like using the internal 1.1V reference is a good
move as the output seems to be 0 .. 0.8V range.

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yeah ok..what you have talked about is related to how the arduino operates with sensor

but my concern is how to know the correct pin in arduino that the sensor should be connected to

and how to connect the arduino board with the processing language for the seek of interfacing

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