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You can build a rotary encoder yourself. Then you can customize it e. g. to the space available. In my blog I wrote a series of posts about rotary encoders. It begins with the basics of photointerrupter use and goes to a rotary encoder that not only gives you pulses but also gives you information about the turning direction. If interested look here:

about photointerrupters:

about rotary encoders:

The software side is due to come.

Hope this helps


great stuff of course it help and i understood it when i opened the page because i have taken a course about encoders and sensors
thank you i will look at the way to make it as soon as i finish my exams
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hello guys,
i was building the hall effect sensor method, but actully this method doesnt work when the wheel gets up to speed, it works only for low wheel rotation speed :( and i guess same for the IR diode receiver because in the video it works when the wheel rotation speed become lower
so any idea how can solve this problem ?
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