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m working on a project which involves controlling some relays with arduino through internet.
i hv used ethernet shield and has used the teleduino service and nw i am able to control a couple of leds through internet.
for this to work i hv to connect my ethernet sheild to my router so tht it can connect to a network.

My question is that can i connect my ethernet sheild to my laptop LAN socket such tht my laptop can work as a router my laptop will be attached to an internet USB dongle for the sake of internet connection.
with this i can get ultimate mobility for my project..becuase with the router attached to ethernet sheild i cannot move my arduino.


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It depends on what OS your laptop is running, and your general sysadmin/network admin skills.  It is certainly possible in some cases, but it may be too involved if you've never done it before.  I've done similar setups on my Linux laptops, but I thought I've read somewhere that cheaper versions of Windows sold with PCs don't have the capability of doing routing.


I thought I've read somewhere that cheaper versions of Windows sold with PCs don't have the capability of doing routing.

Well, it used to be in XP as "Internet Connection Sharing", but I have never used it and what the degenerate versions do now, well ...

It's probably there but navigating through the convoluted and unhelpful network obfuscation systems of these later versions can take hours.

Code: [Select]

    Log on to the host computer as Administrator or as Owner.
    Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
    Click Network and Internet Connections.
    Click Network Connections.
    Right-click the connection that you use to connect to the Internet. For example, if you connect to the Internet by using a modem, right-click the connection that you want under Dial-up.
    Click Properties.
    Click the Advanced tab.
    Under Internet Connection Sharing, select the Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection check box.
    If you are sharing a dial-up Internet connection, select the Establish a dial-up connection whenever a computer on my network attempts to access the Internet check box if you want to permit your computer to automatically connect to the Internet.
    Click OK. You receive the following message:
    When Internet Connection Sharing is enabled, your LAN adapter will be set to use IP
    address Your computer may lose connectivity with other computers on
    your network. If these other computers have static IP addresses, it is a good idea to set them
    to obtain their IP addresses automatically. Are you sure you want to enable Internet
    Connection Sharing?
    Click Yes.

The connection to the Internet is shared to other computers on the local area network (LAN). The network adapter that is connected to the LAN is configured with a static IP address of and a subnet mask of


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Well depending on how the OP sets up his networking, if she/he currently just has a single PC connected to the network, he/she could get a router that has an ethernet switch with at least 2 ethernet ports for the LAN (plus the one for the internet), and move his/her PC to use that, and plug the Arduino into the second port.

If the OP has an internet connection that checks the ethernet hardware address, many routers can be trained to spoof the registered address of the PC.

If the OP has a normal router for the internet connection that has an available ethernet port, all she/he may need to do is plug the Arduino into the network.


I think he was saying:

with this I can get ultimate mobility for my project ... because with the router attached to Ethernet shield I cannot move my Arduino.

I personally do not consider wireless/ Wi-Fi sufficiently reliable (or secure for business purposes) but - where there is no other way to achieve the convenience - such as when I have yet to wire my whole house with Blue Wire and already have cables drooped over the architraves ...

I suspect many others here have houses looking similar.  XD

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