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Is anyone interested in Arduino Yún as "room thermostat" for EQ-3 MAX! heating control system?
As far as I know, EQ-3 MAX! doesn't have thermostat with connection to boiler/DHW.
I'm using Yún as "actor" device for switching boiler/DHW on and off, depending on values from radiator thermostat.
If anyone using this system with Max! Cube, feel free msg me for details/sketch. Beta testers wanted :)


Check this: https://github.com/autopower/thermeq3
It's still untested (except few days testing), but its working :)


Hello again, code is stable and thermeq3 is full of features. Take a look!


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Hi autopower

just came across this posting & it looks really interesting.

I've just aquired an Arduino Yun, Max! cube & 5 wireless radiator thermostats & I'm interested in controlling my gas boiler as per your post.

I currently control a gas boiler/heat pump system using an Arduino Mega 2560 with 13 DS18B20 digital temps sensors. Two of these sensors replaces my 'normal' roomstat (one measures room temp from inside roomstat housing & the other at floor level. A third sensor measures outside air temp. I use an algorithm to adjust the required room temp constantly in real time & 'fire' the gas boiler or heat pump accordingly.

Unfortunately, these 2 room temp sensors are located in a South facing living room which experiences solar gain meaning the CH can be prevented from coming on even when other North facing rooms need heating.

Your system seems to offer a way around this problem by using individual or 'sum of' thermostat valve opening to turn the CH on, overriding the 2 temp sensors.

My big problem is understanding your system (I'm a retired mechanical engineer & my coding is limited to simple Arduino IDE)

" python-openssl library `opkg update; opkg install python-openssl`" - I don't understand this; can you explain (simple please)

"python code, upload into /root/ files nsm.py and config.py " - I run my Arduino sketches under Windows 7 so how can I copy the 2 files above into the /root folder ?
I have Ubuntu installed on my Win 7 as a virtual machine if that's of any use.


Hi Michal

I copied files nsm.py and config.py into the root of my Yun SD card; is this correct?

I uploaded your sketch to the Yun.

I changed the ip address in config.py to my Max! cube to (as detailed on the back of the cube) using: = is the address of my Yun

When I boot the Yun I do not see the flashing LED you mention.

When I run the serial monitor I get error messages:

Unable to connect: retrying (1)...
Unable to connect: retrying (2)...
Unable to connect: retrying (3)...
Unable to connect: retrying (4)...
Unable to connect: is the sketch using the bridge?

Please help!


Try :-
> Unable to connect: is the sketch using the bridge?

Good luck.


Hi, for sure this is a good platform. But maybe too complicated for starting programmers.

Simple boiler control with UNO and ESP8266 chip:

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