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Dear all:
I have two newbie, probably naive,  questions.   

** say I build a project that I like - example turn on an led when sound is detected - am I always completely dependent on the arduino - in other words if I want to keep using what  build do I have to buy another unit or can it get downloaded to another inexpensive micro-controller? 
** second, this has probably been ask but what is a good kit to start with for a beginner with programming experience? 

thank you in advance.  :P


Many projects can run on a nearly-bare ATmega328P chip.  The only external component you should need is a pull-up resistor on the Reset pin to prevent random resets.  Feed it 4V to 5V and your sketch will start running.  If you want to run at 16 MHz you will need to add a ceramic resonator but the factory calibrated 8 MHz internal oscillator should be fine for most projects.

If you want to put your bare ATmega int an Arduino UNO for programming you will either have to buy one that already has the bootloader or you will need to learn to program chips with an ISP programmer.
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If you don't have anything so far I would go for the arduino starter kit:

Just stumbled across it recently. Before I bought the arduino, I got a raspberry pi and I bought breadboard and resistors and all this small things separately. I guess the kit has everything in there you might need for the first couple of month to get started :)

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