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Topic: Like to run python script " arduino.local/sd/myside/my_dynamic_side.py" on YUN (Read 9382 times) previous topic - next topic


thanks erni, thanks all

have insertet
list interpreter   ".py=/usr/bin/python"
in uhttpd with putty
restart and it works  :) :)

How you inserted list interpreter ".py = / usr / bin / python "? I get this:

root@jdcyun:/etc/config# cd uhttp
-ash: cd: can't cd to uhttp

and and I've tried:

root@jdcyun:/etc/config# uhttpd list interpreter ".py=usr/bin/python"
Error: No sockets bound, unable to continue

I'm using putty


in future, please start a new thread. Your answer will be buried.

The purpose of starting a new thread is to help other people with similar problems.
One thread, one problem, one solution.

On your issue, uhttpd comes from OpenWrt, the base for Yun-OS.
So Google: openwrt uhttpd config

There are the important webpages for you:

If you have any questions, please respond on this thread.


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