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well guys since this is my first post i just wanna thank anyone in advance if they can help or give me any type of suggestions  :D
in anutshell
i wanna be able to flash via avr on the fly
hardware i plan to use:
arduino uno R3
this lcd with micro sd combo which seems perfect for what i wanna do

i wanna be able to make a menu that i can navi through example different folders on a sd card then load and flash any hex from a sd card to a attiny45 via soic clip using the provided header on the arduino itself

any help and suggestions are welcome i must admit im a bit of a noob to arduino but im quick to learn and this idea will cut down my time of certain projects plus no need to lug around my alienware


Check out Nick Gammon's sketch from SD card writeup as a startng point:

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would this be possible to store everything onboard the duino without the need of a pc?

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